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Continuous Disclosure Policy


CTI Logistics Limited (CTI) Continuous Disclosure Policy (Disclosure Policy) aims to ensure that:

  • there is full and timely disclosure of CTI’s activities to shareholders, investors and other interested parties (stakeholders) in accordance with all statutory obligations;
  • all parties have equal access to externally available information about the Company.

The Policy reflects CTI’s responsibility to comply with the disclosure requirements of the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and is reviewed regularly to reflect any changes in legislative or regulatory requirements and best practice.

This Policy is published on the CTI website


CTI will immediately notify the market of any price-sensitive information concerning CTI in accordance with legislative and regulatory disclosure requirements.

Information will be price-sensitive if a reasonable person would expect that information to have a material effect on the price of CTI’s shares, by influencing investors in deciding whether to buy, hold or sell those shares.

Price sensitive information will be disclosed in the first instance to the ASX and copies of these disclosures will then be posted on CTI’s website. Information provided to ASX will not be released to other parties until the Company receives formal confirmation of release from ASX. The Company Secretary is responsible for confirming that ASX confirmation has been received.


In accordance with ASX listing Rule 3.1, CTI is not required to disclose price-sensitive information concerning the Company if:

  • a reasonable person would not expect the information to be disclosed; or
  • the information is confidential; or
  • the information is of a kind exempted by Listing Rule 3.1 (e.g. where the information is insufficiently definitive; concerns an incomplete negotiation or proposal; is generated for internal management purposes; or its disclosure would be illegal).


The Chairman and the Joint Managing Directors are designated by CTI as the Disclosure Officers of the Company.

Disclosure Officers are the only persons authorised to make disclosures of price-sensitive information regarding CTI. They also have responsibility for reviewing proposed disclosures and making decisions in relation to what information can or should be disclosed to the market.

All CTI employees and contractors are required to inform a Disclosure Officer of any information they consider could potentially be price-sensitive as soon as they become aware of it.


Disclosure Officers and the Company Secretary are the only persons authorised by the Company to:

  • disclose information regarding CTI to the ASX;
  • speak on behalf of CTI to media, analysts and investors.

CTI will not respond to market speculation or rumours unless required to do so by the ASX or for legal reasons.

CTI does not endorse or approve any externally prepared information (including profit forecasts) pertaining to CTI which has been compiled and published by any analyst or investor and requests the publishers of such information to include a disclaimer to this effect.

Requests for information from individual analysts or investors will be responded to by reference to this Policy.

Forecasts and budgets are generated for internal management purposes and will not be disclosed externally except:

  • where there is a legal or regulatory requirement to do so; or
  • where the Directors consider it to be in the best interests of the Company to do so.


CTI may request a trading halt from the ASX in order to ensure orderly trading in CTI securities.  The Board of Directors or a minimum of two Disclosure Officers must approve a request for a trading halt.


Employees are required to strictly comply with the Information Disclosure Policy and breaches will be subject to disciplinary action.